Nutritional SupplementsMost of the patients I see have already done research online as to which supplements they should be taking to help optimize their fertility. Many have also gone and purchased many products from the health food store. Most of the time more online research leads to more purchasing of supplements and inevitably more confusion. Patients feel overwhelmed and discouraged not really knowing what or if anything is actually helping.

It is for this reason that seeing a Naturopathic doctor is so important. My initial consultation with patients is generally 60-90 minutes long so that I can get a thorough understanding of what you specifically need. From gathering all of your relevant information, I then implement an individualized treatment plan for you, which includes supplements that are supporting exactly what you need.

I will answer all of your questions and explain why you need to be taking the supplements I have recommended. I also explain the importance of taking the most beneficial items to support what is going on in your body, versus taking an abundance of supplements that are not necessarily relevant to what we are trying to support.

I also feel it is important to keep the number of supplements as minimal as possible. It is often not about quantity but more about quality and specifically focused support. This does not require taking 10-20 different supplements at the same time!