Optimal DietWhat is the optimal diet for supporting my fertility?

I hear this question so often in my office from women and or couples looking to change their diet.

The answer is that an optimal diet can mean different things for different people. It is often dependent on whether weight loss is required, or if PCOS has been diagnosed, or if you are vegetarian or vegan or maybe Keto or many other factors.

The dietary recommendations I make for patients is very individual. It is based on what I know will help support their fertility best.

There are, however things we know you can consume (or not consume) that are helpful for enhancing fertility. This generally includes:

  • More fresh fruits and vegetables especially dark leafy greens (Organic if possible)
  • Sufficient water intake – 6-8 glasses per day at least
  • Healthy proteins – lean poultry, fish, nuts/seeds, eggs, beans, legumes, hummus
  • No fried or greasy foods
  • No pop or juice
  • Herbal/decaffeinated tea versus coffee
  • Reduced sugar consumption