StressStress – this is one of those words that we hear often as it’s something most of us feel at some point or another. I also understand how hard it is to “Just relax!”. Understanding how difficult it is to go through the ups and down of ones fertility journey, I never tell my patients to “Just relax!”. This would be the most frustrating advice I could give, as it’s impossible to do.

Since it is usually very challenging to get rid of the stresses in our life, it is more about supporting how your body responds to stress. For some, if stresses become too high, the body can manifest symptoms of anxiety and even depression. This impacts your overall health, so supporting your body’s response to stress is a big part of your individualized treatment plan.

The use of nutritional supplements can provide tremendous relief from those intense feelings of stress and anxiety. These supplements can be taken during your medical fertility treatments and we always make sure there are no interactions with the drugs you may be taking concurrently.

Acupuncture is another recommended treatment that is very helpful at reducing stress and promoting relaxation. Research shows the benefits acupuncture can provide for reducing stress levels making the body that much more responsive to fertility treatment and improving outcomes of those treatments.

Lastly but very importantly is doing things for yourself that you know help you to relax. Everyone enjoys different things so really think about what brings you joy and happiness and start making them a priority! Try and incorporate something every day even if it’s a small thing that brings your stress levels down. For example a quick 10-minute meditation, a short walk over your lunch hour to get some fresh air, speaking to a friend or loved one that makes you laugh, or just reading a good book in bed at the end of your day. It really can be anything as long as you feel relaxed and happy.